12 / 07 / 2013

The use of social networks in Catalonia

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The use of social networks in Catalonia
Data from the last Omnibus Government of Catalonia on the use of the Internet, mobile and social networks published in April 2012 gives us valuable information about Catalan users at social networking and mobile.

In terms of Internet access, access via mobile grew to 37.5%, up by 7 points on 2011 and 25.4% do it more than once a day. For those under thirty years up to 73.3% connects via phone and almost 60% do so several times a day.

Within the field of online maketing, specifically in terms of social networks, over half of the Catalan people over 16 have connected to facebook and 21% do it daily. However, 45% admit they do not have facebook profile. Again, young people are more active and 91% of under-30s access facebook and 58.4% do it daily. Among people from 30 to 44 years, the number of Facebook users drops to 66% and those over 59 years old who connect to facebook sometimes do not reach 19%.

As regards twitter, only 14.3% of people over 16 are connected to this social network although only 7% connects one or more times a day. Among those under 30, the figure rises slightly up to 31.5% and 12% connects to twitter daily.

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