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06 / 02 / 2013

Web design and colors

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Web design and colors
The use of colors in web design has been very analyzed. This is because it is estimated that the color of a product influences the purchase decision 80% of consumers. Following this, we must take it into account when doing any web design.  Moreover, we have to remain in mind that the very first thing that will catch any consumer eye is the color of our web design or logo.

f we analyze the use of color in the logos of the top 100 brands in the world, we find that 95% use one or two colors at most.

ithin the range of colors, blue is the most common color in 33% of cases, followed by red with 29%, 28% used black or grayscale and 13% yellow. The use of these colors is dragged to web design as when doing any web design we must respect the color of the logo.

Another point to consider when designing a logo is the use of typography, today there is a tendency to use typography unique in creating a logo. Currently, 41% of the logos of big brands using only typography in design.

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