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Discover the new web design and SEO positioning for the online store Tartadictos.
Web design and SEO Tartadictos

Addicted to cupcakes and personalized tarts

Tartadictos is a company born from the merge of dedication to the world of cakes and the need to explore new ways of cooking. Tartadictos wants to bring all ingredients and utensils needed by their clients to join this fantastic and sweet world of cakes, muffins and cupcakes.

The company offers these products through its online shop and, obviously, through its shop located in Barcelona.

Web design for Tartadictos

In terms of web design in Prestashop we have tried to convey the idea of sweetness and the outstanding results obtained with the use of Tartadictos’ ingredients. We have developed a web design based on the use of pink color, icons related with the world of cakes and even using cookies bases as graphic support.

In terms of the texts, Chivo typeface, suitable for a web with special details, has been used, in which its round and vertical form gives it a more interesting and distinctive look. 

The colors start from a pie color that comes from the logo, the rose is used in the headlines and iconography, but is given a white or gray color in the background to make it look fresher. The remaining texts use a dark grey.

The use of illustrations in grains to highlight the categories of services and products, with a pink color on the sides and the image is usually highlighted using materials that sell Tartadictos.

In addition, as regards the menu, a very large menu has been used so that the customer can easily find the product he needs.

SEO positioning strategy

As regards online marketing, we will focus on developing a successful SEO strategy for keywords such as cómo hacer cupcakes o tienda online de repostería . We will have content generation as the backbone of SEO strategy.

Magda, who is an expert in culinary tricks and how to do cupackes, will add content herself to the news and trick section, which will allow us to provide premium content and drive SEO.

We wish you like it!
Eduardo Jiménez, web developer
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