Web design for luxury hotel in Barcelona: Gracia Garden

With its 12 hotel rooms, Gracia Garden offers its guests a noble and natural atmosphere of luxury in the middle of the bohemian Gracia neighborhood of Barcelona.

Web Design Luxery Hotel

Small, cozy, modern and luxurious hotel

The client was looking for a website that reflected the business philosophy: a small, cozy, modern and luxurious hotel.

For the web design of a luxury hotel, LA TEVA WEB was responsible for creating a web design in line with the brand's values. The Gracia Garden brand presents a sober and modern image that invites you to relax in an urban environment. A place to rest and escape from the stress of the city.


Web design for a luxury hotel

The web design, which is a responsive web design, is based on the asymmetry and overlay of cards to mark the differential character of the rooms with each other.

As for the fonts, we introduce references to Art Nouveau following the forms of the logo. We chose the Regular Spectral Serif to provide a traditional character of closeness and know-how, combining it with the Sans-Serif Brandon Light to provide readability and modernity to the web.

For the color of the web design, we rely on the color palette of the corporate brand: using cream tones as the main color and green as secondary, both combined with various shades of gray.  

To create a design that demonstrates elegance and luxury, we have to work on the details very well. In this case, we will list the main features that make the Gracia Garden web design unique:

  • Wide fields of color with many margins that look for elegance.
  • The black-white line and duotone icons provide a relaxed tone to the services without forgetting about seriousness.
  • Use of fillets to mark attention points such as headlines or arrows, as well as to look for elegance and a certain rhythm with the lines of the isotype.
  • Images with a lot of presence with interior framing of warm lights that seek to convey a sense of comfort, as well as exterior framing of the garden.
Iván Cuéllar web designer
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