Google My Business shuts down
17 / 05 / 2022

Google My Business closes and Google Business Profile is his replacement

Genís Ceballos SEO SEM specialist
Genís Ceballos
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Google will shut down the business profile management tool called Google My Business after 9 years, a tool that has helped both small businesses and larger businesses improve their local SEO for search results and Maps together with the management of their information.

The replacement for Google My Business is called Google Business Profile, and according to the Mountain giant View this is a change to make it easier for marketers as now they will be able to manage their business information directly from Google search or from Maps.

It will certainly be easier for those who have not yet learned or understood how Google My Business works, or at least those who didn’t used because they found it difficult. However, for all those people who already had the management of the company profile in hand through GMB, it will mean a need on re-learning, since some of the changes that have been announced is the elimination of the mobile app.

By mid-year, business management will only be possible using the same search and functionality of Google Maps and Google Search, so if you liked to have a separate application or tool to manage your business we are sorry to inform you that this will end soon.

Ways to access Google Business Profile

From now on and after the removal of the GMB, access to edit or set up your Google business profile is required by searching or mapping while you are signed in to an associated Google Account. your business. The ways to do this are as follows:

  • By typing “my business ”in Google search"
You will get all the business profiles you have associated with your account, whether you own it or only have access to it as a user with Manager permissions. Keep reading if you don’t have your company linked to your Google Account.

  • By typing your business name into Google search
Another option to access the Business Profile is to search directly the name of your business in Google Search. If it is linked, the first result will be a preview of statistics and quick tools for editing the profile, but don't panic, only you and the rest of the business managers can see it. If your business is not linked to a Google Account, you can make it yours by clicking "Is this your business?"

  • From Google Maps
The last option is to do it through the Google application or website Maps, and like the search engine, the first thing to do is searching for the business linked to your Google account. If it is linked, just click on "Manage your business profile". Another method to access via Google Maps is by clicking into your profile and then to "your business profiles".

Does this change affect my local SEO?

Not at all, unless this change. From the Google Business Profile you can manage the same things you managed through Google My Business: updating business information such as opening hours or holidays, adding photos, replying to customer reviews, replying to customer messages, and posting news. So

The features that will no longer be available are welcome offers, a type of post that was made to attract new customers, and followers, which until now was used to keep updated the customers who were following your business on Google Maps with all the news and announcements made through the GMB.

For busines managers with multiple locations that use the Google My Business API will only see how the name changes to Business Profile API, but nothing more, as all its features will remain.

When will Google My Business disappear?

The exact closing date for this tool is unknown, but we do know that unless Google pulls back, Google My Business will close in July 2022, followed by the disappearance of the mobile application on iOS and Google Play Store. These weeks, business managers are currently receiving messages and pop-ups on the same My Business platform where they are encouraged, from now on, to manage their business profile on Google Maps.

Genís Ceballos SEO SEM specialist
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