B2B Services websites for companies

B2B Services websites for companies

Examples of successful B2B websites

Consult our portfolio of B2B websites, pages of services offered by companies to other companies (B2C). Regarding B2C websites, aimed at the final consumer, these pages have a more sober design (professionalization) and a more technical language, for users already initiated in the sector, who know the jargon and visual language related to that specific service or product.

Before proposing a good web design between companies, we must study the sector well, and understand what type of user our company or target professional is, and what are the strong points of our commercial proposal towards them.

In the case of online stores, when they are of the B2B type, they entail a registration process with an internal area and customer validation, so that only accredited professionals can access certain purchase actions or special prices for professionals.

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