Food websites and online stores

Food websites and online stores

Examples of web pages and online food stores

We present our portfolio of websites on the food sector: restaurants, corporate websites of food brands, catering companies or online food stores. They must be websites that make you hungry (or thirsty), due to the prominent presence of the product.

In our portfolio you will see websites of very varied typology, functionalities and objectives. On the one hand, you will find brand or product websites, very corporate, where the main objective is to enhance the image of the corporation and the value that its product provides. In a second group of projects, distributors of food products and brands are dealt with. They are normally B2B projects dedicated to importing or distributing products. Being b2b and not manufacturers, in these cases the important thing is to convey a solid and trustworthy image and highlight the benefits of having us (delivery, customer service, price, experience...). And finally you will also find online food and beverage stores. In these cases, logically, the relationship is normally b2C and the main objective is to convert (actually transact), although other aspects such as brand generation and user loyalty and retention should not be forgotten.

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