Jewels and accessories ecommerce

Jewels and accessories ecommerce

Success stories in online marketing

Check out our online Marketing portfolio. At our Barcelona agency we offer comprehensive digital marketing strategy services, and we design and apply SEO positioning campaigns, Google Ads and other tools.

Our extensive experience in dozens of projects from all kinds of sectors leads them to advise for each project an online marketing strategy specifically oriented to the objectives it pursues.

Examples of online jewelry and accessories stores
We present some of our ecommerce from the world of jewelry and accessories: online stores with a lot of style!

You will see that we have a variety of projects and each one is unique: it is not the same to propose an online luxury watch store, which seeks detail and sophistication, than an e-commerce of accessories or costume jewelry, which must be fresher and more focused to impulse buying.

The solutions implemented will also be varied: all of them with custom online store design, planned from the beginning to position themselves in Google and other search engines, and choosing the most appropriate technology in each case: Prestashop, Woocommerce or others.

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