Ecommerce design for ParafarmaciaPlus

We have developed an ecommerce for the drugstore sector for the Chacón Group.
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Farmaciaplus ecommerce

Online store of pharmaceutical products

The ecommerce is focusing in selling parapharmacy products online through the offer of a large variety of products at good prices with a fast and efficient delivery.

The online store not only sells but also offers a large amount of content in the form of videos and news related to the products. The ecommerce is also connected to the management software company.

In terms of web design, the use of bright, saturated colors, with white tries to keep the eyer of customers in a clean, cool and optimistic environment. The iconographic game, the use of rounded forms provides with a gentle and pleasant image, while the use from color gradients to warmer shades give a human touch to the whole. Rounded corners and serif typeface chosen, with a tendency to the curved, also intends to reinforce this feeling.

We are also performing a SEO strategy combined with marketing at social networks in order to increase the visits of consumers.
Eduardo Jiménez, web developer
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