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Keys to a successful lawyer website

Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
Bruno Díaz
Marketing Manager
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We continue with a series of contents where we analyze the main aspects to take into account when planning a website for important sectors. You can check for example our post about websites for dental clinics, for example.

Today we will talk about websites for law firms. We have been working for many years on web design for this professional sector, as well as SEO and SEM campaigns. With this accumulated experience, and knowing that each project has its peculiarities, we will see what aspects should be taken into account.


1. The service tree

The range of legal services conditions the web design, as well as its structure. A website for civil law lawyers (services to individuals, proximity, etc.) will not be the same as one specialized in commercial law (services to companies, professionalism). Defining the tree and, in the case of working with several segments, establishing what the client's priorities will be, are key before tackling the web design.

2. The target user

Related to the above, we must identify with the law firm what type of client they aspire to reach: whether they are individuals or professionals, whether they are local or international, or their purchasing power.

3. Presentation of the firm

A very key moment in lawyers' websites is the presentation of the law firm. This page will tell us a lot about the size of the firm (it is important to decide whether we want to give the image of a large or small law firm), its hierarchy, founding partners, etcetera. The choice of photographs will be important because it is easy to differentiate the law firms with a classic and sober profile from more informal and close ones.

4. Portfolio / Success stories

If it is a law firm oriented primarily to companies, then it is recommended to insert on the home page content about some of the firm's prominent clients, either in logo format or in testimonials format. Otherwise, if it is a law firm primarily oriented to individuals, in this case we recommend creating content in the form of success stories. Telling how you solved a complicated inheritance can help a user who is facing a similar situation to hire you. It will be important to program so that the success stories are related to the service performed and vice versa, which will also transmit SEO well. But in any case this type of content provides credibility, and gives an idea to the web visitor about what kind of clients and cases you have.

5. Contact and appointment booking

Once we have convinced the user, we must make it as easy as possible for them to book an appointment. Many law firms charge for the legal consultation / first visit, so for smaller firms or those just starting out, it is a good opportunity and differentiation to offer a free or very economical first visit. Although it is a time investment, it is a golden opportunity for the client to get to know us and if we defend our firm and work well, we will have options to be hired.

6. Multi-headquartered firms

In the event that our client has more than one office in different parts of the territory, we recommend creating its own page for each one. There we can incorporate all the useful information of a local law firm (schedules, map, telephone, etc), which will have a great SEO impact. Keep in mind that for legal services the user will normally look for a solution as close as possible.

7. Blog

We always advise to consider the existence of a blog, as long as you have the resources to nurture it (otherwise, it is better not to open it). This space can help us to solve searches related to our legal services in an indirect way, and to position for concepts with large search volumes at SEO level.

Websites for lawyers made by us

In our web design agency we work with a variety of professional sectors. In the case of lawyers there have been many projects, and it has been difficult for us to highlight 3 projects that are different and significant:

Elpidio Silva Abogados

Web famous lawyer

A very disruptive website in the legal sector, with a selection of colors and typographies that are groundbreaking for what is customary in the sector. The use of large format photographs gives a great visual impact and also favors navigation. The hierarchy of content and structure has taken into account the figure of the founder of the firm, Elpidio Silva, being a lawyer of recognized prestige.

Gay Rosell Solano

Web lawyers classic

This website complies with the canons of a classic, serious, sober, elegant and large law firm. In a website of such a renowned law firm, a large part of it is dedicated to present the firm, its facilities, its members, and of course its founders. Somehow the service itself takes a back seat, because the brand is the most important thing and what will justify an important fee.

BPM Abogados

Web lawyers modern

In this case it was a law firm mainly oriented to civil law. This implies that the target audience is particular and they are going to deal with inheritance issues, separations, divorces, etcetera. Knowing this and seeing the client's desire for lawyers with an excellent decoration, we opted for a web design with a strong presence of photographic material, and betting on transparency, showing the BPM Abogados team in full action, fleeing from the formal pose photographs of most lawyers' websites.


In this post we have reviewed the main points to consider when building a website for a law firm. This is a sector with a lot of presence and competition on the network, so it is essential to devote resources to have a well-designed website, strategy and technology. We will need to generate a lot of trust and transparency before a user with a legal problem, often delicate, hires us. In this review we have seen how the type of law firm (small, large, choral, personal) and type of legal services offered (criminal, commercial, civil...) will largely condition the features of the digital project that it deserves.
Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
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