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Updated: 17 / 07 / 2022

Websites for dentists and dental clinics that work

Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
Bruno Díaz
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We continue a series of posts where we analyze the main aspects to take into account when planning a sectorial website. You can check for example our post about websites for restaurants.

In the case of dental clinics, we must bear in mind that we are dealing with a health service. For the user we need to give maximum confidence and seriousness, and for Google as well.

Some aspects you should take into account:

1. The target

I imagine that you have well identified your regular patients, and more importantly, the type of patients you want in the medium term and that you want to attract through the Internet (they often do not coincide). Normally dental clinics have an established clientele based on word of mouth and personal recommendation, which is the basis of this type of business. With the web, what we normally look for is to attract a new public, who do not know the clinic. Often we will look for a different audience, usually younger but sometimes with other criteria (e.g. foreign population). In any case you must define this target audience and plan the website and its strategy accordingly.

2. The service tree

Users will be interested to know as much as possible about the services offered at the clinic. Don't skimp on details. Normally here it is advisable to group the services in 4-6 categories, grouping the services for example in dental aesthetics, orthodontics, etc. If we also want to have a good SEO positioning, we recommend that you also create a page for each of the services that make up the category. This way we will be able to position ourselves by searches that combine population + service. The service file should be as exhaustive as possible. The potential patient will value aspects such as a good description of the service, in which cases it is advisable to perform it, duration of treatment, price, etcetera. Additional information that can also be very useful would be some frequently asked questions, testimonials from other patients, information about the dentist who will attend them or even before and after cases. In the case of having a wide range of services, we advise you to think about which will be the priority ones, and treat them differently on the website.

3. Before and after

In spite of the fact that some websites show very unpleasant things, the reality is that the user values very positively that a dental clinic website has a space with cases of treatments, and the most graphic way of doing this are cases of before and after. It is important that if you opt for this content the photographs are very well worked and chosen, or it can be counterproductive.

4. Facilities and professionals

We are going to put our mouth and a lot of money, so as users we will need information with text, images and if possible videos or 360 tours of the clinic facilities, its machinery, etcetera. We will also value detailing as much as possible the list of professionals, if possible with a photograph, their professional number, curriculum and specialty.

5. Reviews

Patient testimonials can help visitors to orient themselves as to what they will find in your clinic and if it will fit their needs and expectations (price, care, etc.). You already know that we do not recommend that reviews are manually posted by the owner of the site, but that they come from external and independent platforms such as Google, as they generate more trust.

6. Contact and appointment booking

Once we have convinced the user, we must make it as easy as possible for them to book an appointment. The more channels you can enable the better, without the need to accumulate too many: telephone, whatsapp, chat, email, contact form... the possibilities are endless. If possible, we recommend enabling the online appointment booking option.

7. Certifications

On medical websites it is always recommended to incorporate all the certifications that are available at the dental clinic level. Endorsements such as those of the College of Dentists, the Generalitat or the ISO that we have passed, help to generate the confidence of a user who, let's not forget, in most cases does not know the clinic.

8. Clinic records

In the event that our client has more than one dental clinic, we recommend creating their own page for each one. There we can incorporate all the useful information of a local business (opening hours, map, telephone, etc), but it will also be a key strategic tool to perform local SEO for each center.

Websites for dentists developed by us

In our web design agency, as you can see in our portfolio, we work with a variety of sectors and professionals. In the case of dentists we will highlight 3 projects that we especially like:

Casanova 25

Dentist website modern

A very stylish website for a dental clinic located in the center of Barcelona. The whole design approach responds to the idea of presenting a clinic with very high quality standards. There is a great work behind content, photographic material and a reference blog of the sector, and with a clear desire to capture both local and international audience.

Clínica Cuadros

Dentist website design

This case is one of those we have described in the point, a website where we do not want to present a dental clinic, but a group. It presents a close and attractive image, but at the same time very professional and serious. Proximity is always sought, because despite being four clinics it is a family business. Advanced functionalities are incorporated, such as those mentioned in the previous post (FAQs, reviews, before and after, etc).

Clínica Médico Odontológica

Dentist web design Barcelona

Web for a dental clinic with a classic style, both in the use of colors and typographies. To give it a more informal and balanced touch, in this case we have opted for an iconographic game. As it is a local clinic (in this case in Santa Perpètua de la Mogoda), much importance has been given to the content of presentation of the clinic and its dentists and other professionals, and a touch of proximity necessary.


In this post we have reviewed the main points to take into account when building a website for a dental clinic that succeeds on the Internet, that is to say, that future patients and Google alike like. A website of this type cannot be simple or informal, because the user who is going to place his trust and a large part of our savings will want a lot of information about who we are and what we do, and will want to have guarantees that he will be in good hands.
Bruno Díaz Marketing Manager
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