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27 / 03 / 2014

SEO and online marketing for Sunaveindustrial

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SEO and online marketing for Sunaveindustrial
Sunaveindustrial.com is a new business division of Tectram offering services of personal shopper for companies wishing to buy or rent industrial buildings. Tectram specializes in licensing activities in Barcelona and other cities for small businesses and companies. With this new business division it aims to provide a comprehensive service to clients who want a single company to help them to select the warehouse of interest and all procedures and subsequent engineering services needed.

We will do all the online marketing for the company and we will focus mainly in the SEO of the website in major search engines like Google for keywords such as naves industriales and nave industrial among others. The SEO strategy has led to the reprogramming of the entire website and only keeping the original web design, in order to optimize SEO level and to add more content in line with the message wished to be transmitted by the company. Following this, the new website includes two new sections such as news and testimonials that will generate content constantly to ensure that Google deems is a web site as it grows and is constantly updated.

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