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Management of profiles and strategies on Twitter

Twitter is a social network designed for sharing and discovering information that users deem to be of interest in real time, enabling users to send and post text messages or tweets with few characters per message, also permitting the inclusion of photographs or locations to those people who have chosen to receive them or subscribe to them.  It is the most popular micro-blogging social network in the world.

Management of Twitter profiles

Our advantage: Twitter strategy for companies

Twitter is, without doubt, a great channel for social communication, for dialogue and for listening to your clients, and one you should not do without.

At LA TEVA WEB SL we integrate your corporate Twitter with the company’s communication channels, we plan the communication strategy for your company on the social network, in order to create a friendly and personal profile for your target audience. We analyse the impact of the strategy, monitor it and recommend new strategies and measures to be undertaken.

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What we do for your company in Twitter

At LA TEVA WEB SL we handle the promotion of your company on Twitter. To this effect:

  • We analyse the presence on Twitter of your brands and services or products and those of your competitors.
  • We design the strategy to follow.
  • We create and optimize your profiles.
  • We advise you on the type of posts to publish, how to publish them and the frequency with which your company should be on Twitter. Or we handle them directly, creating a dynamic channel.
  • We advise you on how to manage interaction with followers.
  • Finally, we undertake statistical monitoring of the performance of your Twitter strategy for the purposes of implementing improvements in the strategy on an ongoing basis.
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Social networks that we work

We help you define and implement strategies in social networks, such as:

We can also help you in deciding the strategy in social networks that your company has to follow in order to communicate effectively and in accordance with your corporate identity through our Social Media Planns.

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