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20 / 05 / 2015

Videos on Twitter, top tips

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Videos on Twitter, top tips

Video content seems to be called to become the king of content on social media. This trend takes months consolidated in Facebook, also reaches the microblogging network: the videos on Twitter are booming, and we will explain some tips to generate the desired impact.

Twitter has recently presented a study on how the videos operate in this social network, and has released results to take into account:

1) The video content is the most consumed in Twitter, and 82% of those surveyed said they view videos that appear on their timeline

2) The moment is very relevant: post a video on Twitter about a trending topic will multiply your tweet virality. The videos that generate more interest are those related to breaking news (64%), sports events (54%) and TV programs (50%)

3) Mobile: although it is already known that the majority of users access Twitter via mobile phone, this fact grows even more on video consumption: 90% of videos on Twitter that are viewed is through the phone.

4) How do the users find your video on Twitter? The data indicate that the user usually doesn’t find the video (only 11% are looking for a specific video), so you have to find the users who could be interested on your contents. It is therefore very important the time to publish videos, the repetition frequency, the mentions and hashtags used, or using Twitter Ads, among other elements that affect the tweets virality.

5) Upload videos to Twitter or from other platforms like Youtube? On Twitter you can share native video (uploaded directly onto the platform) or through third platforms. In this area, the figures in the study are also very clear: the natives videos on Twitter receive 2’5 times more responses, 1’9 more favorites and 2’8 more retweets compared with those published from other platforms.

So online marketing professionals and social networks must take into account this trend and implement it: we must publish more videos on Twitter and, whenever possible, upload them directly to the APP.

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