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Websites for companies

It does not matter whether you are a local company that want to attract new customers or a large international company that want to sell your products online. We will find the most suitable option for you.

Web pages for companies

Our advantage: web design for companies that want to sell more

In La Teva Web we have been working side by side with companies of all kinds for over than 19 years. In these years we have focused in providing our clients with fashionable and modern web designs but also in developing effective websites, where each work is created and developed for the business objectives of customer, always with an initial strategic approach that feels the basis of communication, visual aspect or structure of the website.

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What type of webs for companies do we develop?

We answer your questions about company websites

What are company websites?
They are those corporate websites in which a company is presented, as well as the products and services it offers. It is a type of web page, along with online stores, landing pages, blogs or the media, among others.
What kind of companies do you work for?
We design and program web pages for all types of companies: large and small companies, local in Barcelona, national or international, and from all economic sectors.
Does my company need a website?
Yes, unless you have a secret company that you don't want anyone to know about or hire. Everyone needs a good digital cover letter, and the best channel is a website. But the key is what type of web page your project needs.
What are the advantages of a company with a website?
Basically there are three:
1) we obtain a digital presence, a letter of introduction on the network;
2) a space of our property, where we control what we show and communicate, something that is beyond our control in a directory, marketplace or social network;
3) We have a tool that will allow us to make ourselves known on the Internet through SEO and SEM positioning campaigns
To make a web page, do I need to hire a specialized company?
For a personal or experimental project you can try it yourself from predefined site builders. However, if you want a professional website, you will need to hire an agency specialized in the development of websites.
What are the best companies to make web pages?
There are many agency profiles. In our experience, the best agency to commission a website is the one that covers well and internally all the key aspects of the project and not just a few: web design, site development, SEO positioning and SEM campaigns.
What should a company website have?
The jack, the knight and the king. On the web they are Home, who we are and contact are the essential interior pages of any corporate website. From here the web can grow infinitely

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