Online reputation

Online reputation

Online reputation is one of the key aspects in online marketing, knowing what others think of our products, services and brands and how people perceive our brand, is information of incalculable value for correct decision-making.
Online reputation monitoring

Our advantage: active online reputation monitoring

At LA TEVA WEB we manage your online reputation or digital identity in order to:

  • Detect the needs of your audience.
  • Obtain information about the conversations of your clients or potential clients, their comments and the scores or evaluations provided about your products and brands.
  • We accompany you in the preparation of an online communication strategy to adhere to.
We hear what your customers say about you
Online reputation agency Barcelona

We must learn to listen before we speak

Learn how our brand is viewed in order to react proactively and reinforce our brands. Online marketing enables us to interact with satisfied and unsatisfied customers and, more importantly, be able to change the opinion of our company held by the latter.

In order to monitor online reputation, monitoring tools must be used which enable us to obtain this information and regularly track the opinions generated about our company, to thereby have the ability to act accordingly.

online marketing services

Our consultancy services:

Within the field of online consultancy, we offer a wide range of services including:

What people say about your brand on the Internet? We help you